Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Your Dead Trees Removed


Even within Australia's biggest cities, many trees can still be found in the backyards of nearly every house. Trees are fantastic features that really connect everyone to a more natural atmosphere even when surrounded by such big buildings and infrastructure. However, trees do eventually die for one reason or another, and if one of your trees hasn't survived the previous winter, then you may be wondering what to do with the remaining husk of it.

14 December 2021

3 Reasons Why Your Trees Could be Dying and Why You Need Tree Care


Trees are great aesthetic additions to your landscape. They also enhance the circulation of oxygen around the home and provide outdoor shade. However, you need to constantly care for your trees if you want them to serve you excellently for many years. If a previously healthy tree starts getting dry branches or withering, it is the right time to call a tree care professional. They will figure out the cause of the problem and determine whether or not it is dead.

16 August 2021

Problem Tree Removal and Pruning Information


Do you have a problem tree in your garden? Perhaps it's too large for the space, or maybe it is badly damaged. Depending on the situation, removal or pruning may be the solution. Is the Tree a Native Species? Many native tree species are protected, which means you can't simply remove them until you get the proper permissions and permits from the local council. Generally, this is a straight forward process in the event the tree is dying or badly damaged and posing a risk.

22 April 2021