Safe, Injury-Free Tree Maintenance: Tips for DIY Work

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kerry, and I love to do DIY work around the home. While painting high ceilings and putting in garden beds seems to be easy for me, I find climbing into a tree with a saw to trim branches very scary and potentially dangerous. Luckily, over the years, I have gotten past the fear and have found ways to service my trees safely and efficiently without risking grave injury to myself. Sometimes, I admit that I have to call in the pros, but I'll help you identify when that's a necessity as well. Take a look at these posts. I hope they move, entertain and inform you.

Reasons to Opt For Tree Removals for a Diseased Tree


Undoubtedly, trees make any yard seem more attractive and enhance the fresh air in your compound due to the additional oxygen they provide. However, hanging on to a diseased tree because of sentimental reasons can do your premises more harm than good. Some homeowners may opt to have a diseased tree pruned rather than uproot. Nevertheless, if the decay were extensive, then you would be much better off enlisting a professional arborist for tree removal to eliminate it in its entirety. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for professional tree removal services for a diseased tree.

Diseased trees will bring an influx of pests to your yard

When a tree starts to die, it attracts a host of potential pests to feed on it. Over time the tree will become overrun with termites and rodents as they begin to feed on the tree whilst seeking shelter inside it. As the pest infestation grows, the critters may begin making their way into your home too. This means additional costs in the form of fumigation as well as replacing items that may have become damaged by the pests. Overall, it is better to nip the problem in the bud and have the tree removed rather than trying to save it to no avail.

Diseased trees will negatively affect the curb appeal of your home

Once your previously glorious tree begins to rot and decay due to disease, it will greatly affect the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors. If you plan to put your home on the market, it is best to do so after enlisting tree removal services. This is because no amount of landscaping will camouflage a dying tree.

Diseased tree can infect other plants in your yard

Just as it happens in humans, plant diseases are also contagious. When you opt for pruning the tree rather than uprooting it, some of the diseased branches or leaves may be missed, and this gives them the chance to infect any other plants or trees that may be growing in close proximity. For example, powdery mildews tend to develop on the trunk and branches of the tree. As they breed, they cause chlorosis in plants, making them turn yellow. Since the mildew is powdery, it can easily spread to grass, flowers and other flora in your yard, hence infecting them too. Instead of risking the health of your other plants, it is best to annihilate the disease by having the entire tree removed.


26 October 2015