Safe, Injury-Free Tree Maintenance: Tips for DIY Work

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kerry, and I love to do DIY work around the home. While painting high ceilings and putting in garden beds seems to be easy for me, I find climbing into a tree with a saw to trim branches very scary and potentially dangerous. Luckily, over the years, I have gotten past the fear and have found ways to service my trees safely and efficiently without risking grave injury to myself. Sometimes, I admit that I have to call in the pros, but I'll help you identify when that's a necessity as well. Take a look at these posts. I hope they move, entertain and inform you.

Why Tree Stump Grinding Is Best Left to the Professionals


Tree stumps left in the ground are unsightly and dangerous. It is possible to hire a stump grinding machine and try to remove it yourself. However, there are some very good reasons why you should consider using a professional service to remove the stump. 


Firstly, tree stump grinding can be dangerous if you do not take the necessary precautions. Stumps are very large and heavy, and it is very easy for debris to fly off and cause damage or injury. The equipment involved can also be a danger if used improperly. The teeth are extremely sharp and the machinery is very heavy. You run the risk of serious injury if it slips or falls on you. Professionals will have proper training and experience in the use of this machinery and will be able to carry out the task without danger to themselves or anyone else.


Secondly, a professional stump grinder will have the right equipment for the job. A rented machine may look up to the task, but in practice, it may be too small or not powerful enough to remove the stump fully. It is very difficult for an amateur to know exactly how powerful a machine needs to be to carry out the job successfully. You may find yourself managing half the job and then having to hire a professional anyway. A commercial stump grinding service will already have the right equipment and know exactly what to use for each job, ensuring it is carried out effectively.


Finally, renting a stump grinder may not save you money anyway. The task is likely to take you a lot longer than it would take a professional, even if the equipment is good enough. This can vastly increase the rental cost. You may then find you have further expenses if you make a mistake — if you damage your lawn or property for example, or accidentally cut an electricity cable or sewage pipe. Professionals are unlikely to make these mistakes and will have the necessary insurance if something goes wrong. They will also finish the job as quickly as possible, saving you time as well as money.

Stump grinding is a bigger job than it looks, and it can also be dangerous if you do not have training and experience. If you have a tree stump that needs removing, just contact a professional stump grinding service. You will then know that the job will be done safely, effectively, and economically.

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12 January 2023