Safe, Injury-Free Tree Maintenance: Tips for DIY Work

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kerry, and I love to do DIY work around the home. While painting high ceilings and putting in garden beds seems to be easy for me, I find climbing into a tree with a saw to trim branches very scary and potentially dangerous. Luckily, over the years, I have gotten past the fear and have found ways to service my trees safely and efficiently without risking grave injury to myself. Sometimes, I admit that I have to call in the pros, but I'll help you identify when that's a necessity as well. Take a look at these posts. I hope they move, entertain and inform you.

2 Considerations About Hiring a Tree Lopping Service


When trees on your property need some lopping or pruning, it's always good to get a professional to handle this job for you. Not only is your safety at risk when you're on a ladder trying to trim branches, but lopping a tree takes skill and knowhow. An improper or poor lop can mean cutting off a tree's supply of oxygen and sunlight and, in turn, the tree's overall health may suffer.

Before you call a tree lopping service, you might note a few considerations to keep in mind when working with them. This will ensure that your trees aren't just trimmed but are also healthy and strong.

1. Ask if they are a multi-service company

A multi-service tree lopping company can work with you to ensure the health of your tree overall, rather than just coming out and trimming branches as needed. One service they might provide is a check of your tree's health or the health of other plants around your trees, as this can tell them if the tree or your property itself is suffering from an insect infestation, too much moisture, and the like. A tree lopping company that works with an arborist may also be able to treat your tree with different feeds or other substances that will keep it healthy.

A hazard assessment is also a good service for a tree lopping service to offer. This assessment can tell you if a tree is likely to fall or if branches are likely to break and cause damage to your property or pose a danger to others.

2. Note if they can tell you what trees are best for your property

If you're ready to plant new trees or find that the trees on your property are never healthy, a tree lopping company may be able to give you guidance on the best trees for your yard. You may have trees that are not native to the area and which were planted by a landscaper or construction company without much knowledge of the right trees for the area.

Before you hire a tree lopping service, ask if they're familiar with the best trees to plant in your area. This will ensure they do more than just trim the trees already on your property but can give you the advice you need if it's time to simply remove the tree and plant new ones. They'll know if the tree that needs trimming will never be healthy because it's a poor choice for your property for any reason and can help you select a better type of tree to plant in its place.  


30 October 2015