Safe, Injury-Free Tree Maintenance: Tips for DIY Work

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kerry, and I love to do DIY work around the home. While painting high ceilings and putting in garden beds seems to be easy for me, I find climbing into a tree with a saw to trim branches very scary and potentially dangerous. Luckily, over the years, I have gotten past the fear and have found ways to service my trees safely and efficiently without risking grave injury to myself. Sometimes, I admit that I have to call in the pros, but I'll help you identify when that's a necessity as well. Take a look at these posts. I hope they move, entertain and inform you.

Things you need to know before hiring a tree removal service


Having trees in your home come as both an asset and a liability. Heavy branches may sometime hang over your house, risking the possibility of a falling limb. This could result into extensive damages of your property. Also, when the tree becomes damaged beyond repair, it can cause a lot of damage during a storm. For these reasons, you will probably need to hire a professional arborist for tree removal services. Here are a few things you may need to look before hiring a tree service:

Credentials and licensure

A credited tree removal company will not cause a lot of damage to your home while removing the tree. Its employees are highly trained to carry out the task efficiently. Also check if the company is licensed. It is not a necessity in Australia, but the removal of some tree species is strictly regulated. A licensed removal company will enlighten you on the steps you are required to take to get an approval for removing a regulated tree species.

The company's insurance

Adequate insurance coverage should be a basic requirement when you're looking to hire a tree removal service. Adequate insurance coverage translates into compensation and liability insurance. This guarantees coverage of expenses if the company causes any damage to your home or possessions.

Adequate insurance also protects the company's employees by covering any injury that an employee may sustain while working in your home. It also protects you from any lawsuit should anything happen during a tree removal service.


References are valuable, and asking for a reference is good course of action. You can get references from clients who have had similar tree removal services. Referrals help you evaluate the tree removal company.

Estimates and charges

You might want to get an estimate of the tree removal service you need. Having an estimate helps you budget for the tree removal service. Have the estimate in print to avoid additional charges for services that you didn't want. The company should inform you of any additional fees before carrying out the tree removal service.

Services offered

Some tree removal services offer extra services like stump grinding. The type of services you need only suits the company with the right equipment for the job. If your property is populated by tall trees, you will need to hire a company that have access to a crane.

Tree removal is carried out with a lot of precision and it takes years of experience to perform this type of service efficiently. Contact a company like Heritage Tree Care if you have specific questions about tree removal.


2 December 2015