Safe, Injury-Free Tree Maintenance: Tips for DIY Work

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What Determines How Much You Will Pay For Stump Removal?


If you have hired an arborist to remove a tree from your property, you probably never considered that you would have to enlist stump removal services, too. However, more often than not, tree removal does not include stump removal as the tree is eliminated from the trunk. Thus, it is best to enlist stump removal services, too. But how much does this cost? The reality is that there is not one set figure for this service since it is dependent on different elements. This article looks at a few of the things that determine how much stump removal will cost you.

The size of the stump

Like with most other jobs that involve manual labour, the extent of the arduousness will directly influence how much the service will cost. Thus, the first thing that is going to determine the amount of money that you will pay for stump removal is the size of the stump. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the hardness of the stump will be taken into consideration, too. For instance, a stump left behind by a softwood tree will be less laborious to tackle than that of a hardwood.

The accessibility to the stump

The second factor that will dictate how much stump removal will cost will be the ease at which the arborist can access its location. The harder it is to reach and subsequently work to remove the stump, the higher the cost since the arborist will spend a considerable amount of time trying to remove it. For example, if the stump is located in the middle of your yard and is easily accessible, then the removal process should not take a long time. On the other hand, if the arborist has to navigate tight spaces and potentially have to remove the stump in sections due to manoeuvrability, then it will inflate the cost.

The root network of the stump

The third factor that will influence the degree of effort that it will take to remove a stump from your yard is the root network that the tree has developed. Some trees have short root systems that can be easily uprooted without having to cut each root to loosen the stump. On the other hand, some root networks are extensively spread, to the point that they could be harming your foundation or could burst a pipe. And in these cases, the homeowners could have opted for tree removal due to the damage the roots were causing. Thus, a pervasive root network will translate into higher costs for the stump removal.


31 August 2019