5 Ways To Make Use Of That Dead Tree After A Removal Service


When it comes to a tree removal service, most people tend to focus only on what is required before the removal, or what will happen during the process. Very few people think about what will happen after the tree has been felled and the removalist is done with their job.  In this article, get some ideas on what you can do with the leftover tree pieces after the removal.  Firewood

10 February 2016

Things you need to know before hiring a tree removal service


Having trees in your home come as both an asset and a liability. Heavy branches may sometime hang over your house, risking the possibility of a falling limb. This could result into extensive damages of your property. Also, when the tree becomes damaged beyond repair, it can cause a lot of damage during a storm. For these reasons, you will probably need to hire a professional arborist for tree removal services.

2 December 2015

Advice on felling a tree safely by yourself


While normally, this type of work should be done by professional tree loppers, there are certain scenarios whereby it is acceptable to have DIYers conduct the tree felling by themselves. This is normally when the tree is relatively small and does not have many branches. Even if it is a small tree, you should still take the same safety precautions as you would if you were felling a large tree. It is important that you know the correct process for efficiently and effectively cutting down trees.

19 November 2015

3 Viable Tree Stump Removal Techniques


Even though with tree removal, felling a tree and clearing the log may seem like a big job, you might be surprised to learn that removing the stump left behind is the difficult part; the good news, however, is that it is doable. You'll get better results doing the job when you choose the right stump removal techniques. When it comes to getting the job done right, the main thing is to take out the roots of the stump from beneath the ground.

10 November 2015

2 Considerations About Hiring a Tree Lopping Service


When trees on your property need some lopping or pruning, it's always good to get a professional to handle this job for you. Not only is your safety at risk when you're on a ladder trying to trim branches, but lopping a tree takes skill and knowhow. An improper or poor lop can mean cutting off a tree's supply of oxygen and sunlight and, in turn, the tree's overall health may suffer.

30 October 2015

Reasons to Opt For Tree Removals for a Diseased Tree


Undoubtedly, trees make any yard seem more attractive and enhance the fresh air in your compound due to the additional oxygen they provide. However, hanging on to a diseased tree because of sentimental reasons can do your premises more harm than good. Some homeowners may opt to have a diseased tree pruned rather than uproot. Nevertheless, if the decay were extensive, then you would be much better off enlisting a professional arborist for tree removal to eliminate it in its entirety.

26 October 2015

Simple Lopping Guidelines for Different Tree Groups


Proper maintenance of trees growing in your residential property is essential. The practice will preserve the aesthetics of the landscape, and it will limit the potential falling hazards linked to uncontrolled growth. One of the important maintenance tasks that you must carry out periodically is tree lopping. The process involves trimming and clearing away parts of the tree including the branches, limbs and even the trunk. This will allow you to shape the tree to enhance appeal, remove damaged sections and promote proper growth with regard to size.

29 September 2015