Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle: Four Fun Outdoor Projects to Make With Old Treated Pine Decking

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If you are dismantling an old deck made of pressure treated decking, you have to dispose of the wood carefully. Wood treated with arsenic, for example, should not be burned, and it shouldn't be thrown in a landfill without permission either. Luckily, there are landfills that have special places to bury pressure treated decking, and there are facilities who can safely burn this type of old decking. Alternatively, however, you can also reuse the decking.

21 September 2015

What to Do About a Tree Stump Once You Remove the Tree


You may be considering removing a tree from your property if it is too close to a utility line or it is obstructing your view, but you may not be sure about what you should do about the tree stump. Read on and learn some options that you can choose from to deal with the tree stump. Dig It Up You need a pick, a pruning saw and a spade if you are going to dig up the tree stump by yourself.

18 September 2015

Benefits of Trimming Your Trees


Trees are an aesthetic and functional addition to the home. They provide a shelter against strong wind; shading and even make you home look more attractive. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the trees around your home in order to continue enjoying these benefits. Tree trimming involves cutting off dead and dense branches around your trees. A professional tree lopper who understands the growth patterns of different tree species should carry out the trimming process for the following important reasons.

27 April 2015